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Black Girl Blues Description & Sample

Black Girl Blues: Small Group Sessions, Activities and Discussions to Combat Intra-Racial Bullying focuses on the relationships between African-American girls. It exposes the historical, cultural and social factors behind girl bullying among the African-American culture. While economic status and identity development are among topics, physical characteristics are often the source of intra-racial bullying.

BGB provides a series of lessons designed to bring light to the problem of intra-racial bullying and the relational aggression issues that it may cause.  The lessons are aligned with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards.

BGB can be used by parents, families, professional school counselors, teachers, administrators, youth leaders and/or other professionals who interact with African-American girls. It includes pre/post test group evaluations, a parental consent form, middle and high school lesson plans, activities, opportunities for reflection, a certificate of completion as well as follow-up activities and additional resources.

Through journal writing, group discussion and reflection, girls that participate in these activities will have the opportunity to explore what it means to be an African American female, from a personal & historical perspective.

Black Girl Blues: A Gifted Girl's Story

Black Girl Blues: A Gifted Girl's Story
Black Girl Blues: A Gifted Girl's Story is a book detailing the personal experience of a young gifted girl bullied because she is a "nerd". Get your copy today!